What we do

Youth Capacity Building

We organize workshops and classes for rural Balinese youth focused on web technologies and digital storytelling, business and community development, and cultural/environmental sustainability.

Community Asset Mapping & Strategizing

We perform resource assessments to help rural communities to understand all of their assets—including the financial, social, environmental, human, and cultural forms of capital—and work with village communities to help them leverage these assets to create innovative economic opportunities.

Showcasing Rural Makers of Change

Through local community workshops and international cultural exchanges, we invite rural makers of change to share their work, inspire initiative in the local and global communities, and collaborate for the greater social good.

International Community-Based Tourism & Educational Exchanges

We arrange site visits and facilitate cultural exchanges and workshops designed to foster exchange of ideas and perspectives between local village communities, rural enterprises, visiting students, and international development professionals.

Collaborative Partnerships

We collaborate with both rural village communities, international governments, NGOs, educational institutions, and private-sector companies to address economic, environmental, and social issues facing rural communities in Bali and elsewhere.

Incubator Spaces

We provide creative office spaces where entrepreneurial rural youth can develop social enterprises with the help of mentors from both the local and global communities and business development workshops.